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Dallas Wiens is the first United States recipient of a full face transplant, performed at the Brigham and Women's Hospital during the week of March 14, 2011.  It was the first such operation in United States and the third in the world.  Wiens was critically burned by a high voltage wire on November 13, 2008, when he was painting Ridglea Baptist Church in Fort Worth He was standing inside the cherry picker when his forehead made contact with a high-voltage wire.  Transported by helicopter to Parkland Memorial Hospital, surgeons spent 36 hours over two days working to save Wiens’ life.


Wiens was left permanently blind and without lips, a nose or eyebrows.  Doctors told the family that Wiens likely would be paralyzed from the neck down and would never speak or produce enough saliva to eat solid food.  They put him in medically induced coma for 3 months. After awakening, he made unprecedented progress and left the hospital in spring 2009.  In May 2010 he started walking.

In March 2011, a transplant team of more than 30 doctors, including eight surgeons and doctors and nurses from multiple disciplines, led by MUDr. Bohdan Pomahač, performed a full face transplant, at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.  It took 15 hours. Wiens' sight couldn't be recovered but he has been able to talk on the phone and has regained his sense of smell.  This operation was paid for with the help of the US defense department. They hope to learn from this procedure and use what they learn to help soldiers suffering from facial injuries.

Wearing sunglasses and sporting his usual goatee beard Wiens called being able to feel again 'amazing.'  He said: 'It's an amazing experience to be able just to feel her kiss again after two and a half years of having no feeling whatsoever in my face.  Wiens added that if it hadn't been for little Scarlette he may never have signed off on the gruelling operation that replaced his nose, lips, skin, animation muscles and nerves to power them and give sensations. 'I could have lived like I was, no problem, if I did not have my daughter,' Wiens said. 'But I could not bear the thought of her growing up and being asked questions, "Why does your daddy look different?" And dealing with that all of her childhood.'

Dallas Wiens and Jamie Nash exchanged vows Saturday at the Fort Worth church where he was critically hurt.  Pastor Scott Cox says about 200 people attended the wedding at Ridglea Baptist Church. Cox says the couple told him they believe God brought them together.

It is my mission to increase awareness for the Visually Impaired as well as improve the services and technology available to them, as well as push the edge of the science and medicine to aid those who need reconstructive procedures. I am developing a movie about my life & death experiences, and continuing my mission as an International Motivational Speaker, teaching that no matter what happens in your life, it is you who can dictate what happens next, and that it is you who can make first order change both in your life and in your community and in the world.

Jamie Wiens  doesn’t remember the text, but her terror was caught on tape when she crashed her car near Ennis two years ago. Dashcam video from a responding patrol car captured her screams after she lost control of her car while sending a text.


“My car hit a culvert, and flipped a couple of times, landed against a tree and I was pinned inside,” says Jamie, now 29. “It caught on fire and I was trapped for over 20 minutes, burning alive, and that ended it all right then. One split second, one split decision.”

Despite being warned, Nash openly admits that she was like many motorists– always with a phone in her hand– even with her kids in the car. She was, she says, the ultimate multi-tasking mom…until a near fatal crash proved her wrong.

“I felt such remorse… I did this.  I caused this accident. Thank God I didn’t kill anybody else.”  Jamie had 3rd and 4th degree burns over 70 percent of her body. “The burns went so deep, that it charred my bones.” She was not expected to survive. When she did, she was determined to help spread a simple, life-saving message: “Get off the phone– it can wait.”

According to the National Safety Council, 100,000 drivers crash while texting each year in the US.  Jamie likens it to drinking and driving, saying it’s the equivalent to drinking 4 beers and getting behind the wheel of a car.

“So you need to be thinking like that. They’re risking your life and yours when they’re texting next to you: get out of the way.”

Two years and 30 surgeries later, Jamie is still recovering. But, she proudly shows off her scars, and speaks at schools and businesses– hoping others will learn to take the danger seriously. “It can wait. Your life and somebody else’s life– it’s just not worth it.”

It is my mission in life to become an International Spokesman and Motivational Speaker talking about people making better decisions and realizing the implications of those decisions.

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